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Welcome to the Silicone Beach: Website Design Sussex

If you need a web presence or want to revamp your existing online identity, you’re spoilt for choice at the moment. Many regions of the UK are now alive with website design companies and are seeing enough digital action to rival London’s Silicone Roundabout. We’re here to welcome you to the Silicone Beach, home of Get Manic, a company producing some of the most innovative website design Sussex has ever seen.Any reasonably intelligent person can get a website up and running, but it takes an expert to secure you a formidable internet presence. Here’s just a snapshot of the expertise Get Manic can offer you.

Website Design

website design sussex

When you think of website design your mind usually turns to graphic design, right?But there’s far more to it than that. Your website must rank highly enough in search engine placement so that people will find you easily. It must also encourage visitors to stay around for long enough to understand what you’re offering, and then persuadethem to become your customers.

Graphic Design

Aesthetics are at the heart of your appeal to potential customers. The look and feel of your online presence has to complement your real-world corporate identity, but it almost always needs to be reinterpreted for the medium of the internet. Even in the digital age, too many brand identities look fantastic in print but translate poorly to the web.

Content Writing

A too often overlooked aspect of web design, the quality of the words on your website caneither make or break your business. Even if you don’t want to send out an overtly sales-based message, you need to make sure that people can understand what you’re all about quickly and easily. Plus regularly updated news, views and expert opinions are the lifeblood of your online profile: few of us have the skills or the time to write excellent content for ourselves, leading to websites that reek of neglect.

Web Hosting

website design sussex

Once you’ve got all that fabulous design and content together, you need somewhere tohost it. You could of course host it yourself, but that means having to bear the expense of the necessary equipment and the stress of coping with learning what you need to know. Web hosting is no job for an amateur: while you’re getting things set up, slow load times and ‘page not found’ messages cost you valuable business. Your business needs a website, but this is something to be taken seriously. Get it wrong and you’ll be in a worse position than you were at the beginning. Getting it right means Get Manic, and the most comprehensive website design Sussex has ever seen.