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Should You Target Local Or National SEO?

If your business is new to the workings of SEO, you may be unsure as to which SEO strategy is right for you. There are two types of strategies when organising an effective SEO campaign: local and national.

Many SEO techniques are similar for both strategies. The main differences between local and national SEO are that local SEO concentrates on location, whereas national SEO is more concerned with the brand, product or service you are providing and whether they can be offered on a national level. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide whether local or national SEO is more suitable for your business.

Local SEO Consultants

Local SEO strategies are more suitable for smaller businesses who will benefit from local customers. As local SEO primarily concentrates on location, it tends to be used by businesses that offer a service or product that is easily obtainable in the surrounding area. For example: a pizzeria, restaurant, leisure centre or health club. There’s no point in going national if your customers are going to have to travel the country to reach you. If you have a chiropractic clinic in Brighton, you’ll be focussing on a client base in Sussex, not Manchester.

The most important factor for local SEO is local business indexing that search engines use. If your business is listed then it will show up in local searches. Local SEO relies on customer reviews and comments to increase a company’s rating on local business indexes.

It’s easier to improve your rankings with local SEO as you can concentrate on your niche market and it’s less competitive than national SEO rankings. Good local SEO practice involves using longer, more detailed and specific keyword phrases so that customers can find you more easily.

National seo consultants

National SEO tends to be used if you have a product or service that can be marketed nationally or even globally. If you have an online shop and can deliver across the country then you won’t need just local customers. For example our client looking for organic search results for the keywords Wrong Fuel Recovery and Petrol In Diesel Car Nationally has achieved a steady progression up the rankings

Competition however, is much higher than local SEO as you won’t just be competing against local rivals. You’ll also be up against the giant traders such as Amazon and Ebay. One strategy is to consider pay-per-click advertising. You’ll also need a much stronger social media presence and consistently fresh content to attract more visitors. Ultimately, national SEO is more expensive than local.

Talk to our SEO consultants about your options including, a combination of both local and national SEO.  Get Manic can offer valuable advice on the best SEO strategy for your business.

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Top Tips For Gaining More Traffic With SEO Services

So you’ve got a fancy website promoting your products or services with beautiful images and stunning graphics. But it all comes to nothing if you aren’t getting visitors. So what can you do to increase your traffic flow? In other words, get more visitors to your site. And more visitors mean more potential customers. Here are the top tips for gaining more traffic.

Blogseo services

If you haven’t already got a blog, then it’s high time you did. One of the best ways of promoting more traffic is to write good quality, relevant and above all, interesting content that people will want to read.

However, you need to keep your content fresh, which means that you should add a new blog once a week. Freshly baked bread is enticing and delicious. After a week it’s stale and as hard as rock. Think of your content as freshly, baked bread. Entice your readers. Draw them in with relevant, up- to-date, continuous blogs. Once you have a good archive of blogs, use new blogs to link back to the older ones. This is a great way to keep visitors coming back to your site.

Consider guest posting on other blog sites. This will produce natural links back to your own website.

Social Mediaseo services

The global popularity of Facebook and Twitter means that by using these medias to promote your business, you are opening up the possibility that thousands, even millions of people will have a natural link back to your site.

Encourage people to ‘like’ and ‘share’ your posts. If people comment, then reply. Show an interest and they will too. Social media is a great way to ‘naturally’ link-build.

Headlines seo services

Really think about your headlines. They should be enticing and captivating enough to get people curious. Use keywords wisely. They need to be relevant to your site, while flowing naturally in your headlines, meta tags and content without sounding in spammy, bad English. This will put Google and your prospective visitors off.

seo servicesAdvertising

A non-organic way of gaining more traffic is advertising. Pay per Click is a form of internet marketing where you pay a fee every time one of your advertisements is clicked. Google AdWords is advert and location specific, allowing you to choose on which sites you would like to place your advertisement.

Get Manic is an SEO Services company who are experienced in helping businesses to increase their traffic flow. Based in Brighton, just a short distance from London, we offer a professional, yet personal service for clients in London and the South East Area.

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What Kind Of SEO Job? – SEO Analyst

seo companyThe purpose of search engine optimisation is to increase traffic for a particular website from organic search results on search engines such as Google. In other words, it’s the process of making your site as visible as possible, so that when a visitor types specific keywords into Google search, you want your website to appear on the first pages. This can be achieved through ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ methods whereby your use of relevant content, meta tag descriptions and keywords will naturally direct people to your site. Non-organic advertising methods can also be used, such as PPC or Google Adwords, whereby your business pays Google every time someone clicks on your advertisement.

A business owner who wants to make their website visible and generate more traffic, will seo companyemploy and SEO company to achieve these results. An SEO company will employ an analyst to study and analyse potential opportunities and threats and advise clients on how they can improve their online visibility and traffic.

An SEO analyst, also known as an SEO auditor, is the brains behind SEO. Their main responsibilities include the following:

• Crawlability – The ability for a search engine to navigate easily from one page to another on your website.

• 301 redirects – A permanent method of redirecting from one URL to another (think of it as a change of address redirection form you fill out when moving home).

• 404 errors – A 404 error occurs when a website cannot be found. An SEO analyst must be able to manage and deal with 404 errors correctly and test them to make sure they work properly and are redirected to a relevant page.

• Rankability – search and analyse relevant keywords and implement correct keyword density, meta tag descriptions and H1s.

• Analyse ways to use and optimise site content.

• Analyse data to improve site web design and transform SEO results into workable business objectives.

Skills And Experience seo company

A good SEO analyst will possess the following qualities:

• An expert knowledge of Excel.

• Know the workings of SEO and website design inside out.

• Optimum analytical skills.

• Up to date knowledge with the latest SEO software.

• Experience in site auditing.

• An in-depth understanding of HTML and web programming.

Interpersonal Skills  seo company

Having brains, knowledge and experience is not enough. Like all professionals in an SEO company, an SEO analyst must have excellent communication skills. The job requires constant liaising between the marketing aspects of SEO and IT.

Clients aren’t experts in the technical side of SEO, and nor should they be. That is why they need the services of a reputable SEO company. Their concerns are to promote their business and increase their site traffic, so a good SEO analyst needs to be able to translate the technical jargon into plain English that is easy for the client to understand.

An SEO analyst needs to be a team player with the ability to work well with other members of the SEO company. However, they also need to be able to work independently, using data collected to make informed, analytical decisions and implement SEO strategies to achieve projected business goals.

Here at Get Manic, we pride ourselves on having a behind-the-scenes team of expert professionals in all aspects of SEO and website design; professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals. Our personal, open-door policy ensures that we have constant communication with our clients. We provide an efficient, friendly and professional service that is often lacking in some of our larger London-based counterparts. For more information on the SEO services we provide, call us today, or drop in to our Brighton-based offices to meet the team.

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The Importance Of Social Media Within SEO Services

There was a time when SEO services concentrated solely on link building to rank highly on search engine pages. The more links you had, the higher you ranked. Today, this is simply not true. Aggressive link building will not bring visitors to your website. Keywords are still an important factor in SEO services, however, if your keyword density is too high, you will be considered spam by search engines. This can ultimately lower your ranking rather than improve it. So what is one of the best ways to improve your website’s visibility? Consider your social media presence.

Social Interaction – Get Tweeting seo services

For your business to be successful, it is vital that you have an online presence. This doesn’t just mean that you have a flashy website. It means being present on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. But you need to have an active presence on these sites. By delivering good quality content that people are going to want to read, you are creating an interest in you and your business. Comments, shares and likes are an essential part of social media interaction that will develop interest and therefore potential customers. The more you interact on social media sites, the more likely it is that people will be willing to visit your website. Promoting your business through social media channels is one of the best ways to advertise your products or services.seo services

Guest posting is another effective way of increasing interest in others, directing them to your site. Quality, not quantity is the key. Produce fresh, interesting content that people will enjoy reading and will want to comment on.

Organic Link Building

Make sure that all your content can be shared. Ensure that you have functional click buttons to all of your social media channels and that your link icons work correctly. Encourage readers to like and share your content and comments. Sharing through social media channels is a highly effective way to naturally build your own links. Linking through social media is one of the easiest ways for people to visit your site.

seo servicesAt Get Manic we positively promote a social media presence as part of our SEO services. We offer a more personal approach than our larger London-based counterparts. If you would like more information on how social media can help your business, or wish to enquire about other SEO services we provide, then contact us today for a consultation.


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The Importance Of SEO Services Maintaining High Visibility

seo servicesIt’s all very well implementing strategies for maximum search engine visibility, but your  exposure needs to remain constant. If search engines can’t find you, then you don’t exist; simple as that. Visibility is achieved through a natural or organic search process when someone keys a term into a search engine that is related to your site. Visibility can also be achieved through non-organic methods such as pay-per-click (PPC), where you pay a small fee every time your ad is clicked and visitors are then directed to your site.

Here are some essential factors to help maintain visibility and keep your site on those crucial first pages.

Accessibilityseo services

Your site needs to be constantly accessible to visitors and search engine spiders. Ensure that your site has reliable hosting. Poor hosting can cause technical problems resulting in a slow site or even causing your site to shut down completely.

Take care to produce unique meta descriptions. The optimum length should be 155 characters. Make every word count. They should be descriptive and relevant to your site’s pages. Your site should be inviting and easy to navigate. Consider including a site map to help visitors navigate more easily.

seo servicesKeywords

Choose your keywords wisely. They should be relevant and easy for search engine spiders to find. But go easy. Too many keywords can result in stilted content that will be discarded by search engines as spam. Bear in mind that Google and other search engines prefer quality over quantity.


Fresh, high quality, relevant content is essential to maintaining high visibility. Make sure that you produce engaging blogs and articles that people will actually want to read. Articles and blogs should have eye-catching headlines and be informative and relevant to your site without being a publicity campaign. Visitors are turned off by “buy me” pleas.

seo servicesLink Building

Who isn’t on Facebook or Twitter? Use social media to promote your site. Study competitors links and see what works for them. Guest posting on other sites is a great way to link back to your own site. Publish blogs and articles on other sites that are relevant to your business and link directly back to you.

Professional Helpseo services

Small businesses especially, could benefit from professional SEO services. Choose a reputable SEO company with a personal, open-door policy and a proven track record. Get Manic offer exceptional SEO services. We offer a more personal approach than our larger, London-based counterparts, helping you to improve visibility, traffic flow and achieve your business goals.

seo company

The Importance of Having a Good Relationship with Your SEO Company

There’s often a strong sense of disconnect that happens when it comes to online services. Although everybody talks about how essential relationship building is in the real world, it’s not uncommon for the same people to believe an SEO company will be the magic bullet they’re looking for, while providing very little information. For your SEO company to be of benefit to you, relationship building is essential. Here’s why.

They Need to Understand Your Brandseo company

In fact, you need to go further than just brand when it comes to discussing your SEO needs. You want an SEO company that understands your vision, audience, message, and goals. They need to be able to write articles in your language and set keywords that target your audience. It goes without saying that what works for a baker won’t work for a business analyst, so choose an SEO company that understands this too.

seo company You Want to Be Front of Mind

Just like any relationship, your SEO company will be better at working with you if you’re constantly on their mind. Keep in regular contact and if you can take the relationship out of the digital realm, meet them for a cup of coffee. Just because their work takes place online doesn’t mean this has to be your sole method of communication.

seo company






Image Courtesy Of Nick Youngson

They’ll Understand Your Goals

You don’t need to drag everybody in for a 2-hour presentation, but you should try to explain to your SEO company what you’re trying to achieve through SEO. This gives you the chance to ascertain how well they listen, but to also lay down key deliverables. It’s best to leave them to do the planning but having a clear goal will allow them to know what you want to achieve while giving you a clear understanding of any reasonable limitations.

seo companyYou’ll Need Mutual Honesty

When you don’t have a good relationship with your SEO company it can be difficult to create mutual honesty. Just as you don’t want to be lied to over what SEO can achieve, they don’t want to be blamed because you were seeking SEO as a last resort for a failing business. Mutual honesty allows for mutual expectations to be shared and parameters defined as to how these would be met.

When it comes choosing an SEO company, take time to know the people you’re working with. Companies like Get Manic pride themselves on building strong customer relationships. You’ll be glad to work with a team like us.

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The Role of an SEO Manager within an SEO Company

If the marketing director is the captain that commands an SEO ship, then the SEO manager is the first mate. In other words, the SEO manager is the project manager behind an SEO campaign. An SEO manager will have a strategic, analytical and technical approach to SEO strategies. So what exactly does the role of a good SEO manager involve?

An Overview

An SEO manager is responsible for coordinating an SEO campaign for clients from the conception, to the finish, organising website content and design for SEO optimisation. An SEO company cannot function without a good manager who knows the workings of SEO strategies inside out.

Interpersonal Skills    seo company

The main responsibility of an SEO manager is to manage a team of content writers, link builders and designers, setting briefs for the team and controlling and editing works before presenting them to the client. An SEO manager has the task of identifying and researching keywords and applying them to briefs for writers and designers to follow. The manager will have a hands-on approach, liaising with clients on a regular basis and must have the instincts and insight to understand exactly what a client needs. In fact a good SEO manager should know what a client needs, even if the client himself, doesn’t. The manager will have the ability not just to liaise, but also to influence clients and guide them in the process of successful SEO strategies. Therefore, excellent communication skills are essential.

seo companyTechnical Skills

An SEO manager will perform a continuous audit of the client’s website; analysing trends, identifying opportunities for growth and possible threats. They will have an excellent knowledge of SEO software, HTML, CSS and Javascript. They will also be experienced in the applications of Pay Per Click and Google AdWords advertising. The manager will have the ability to identify and analyse keywords for an SEO campaign and be able to analyse content for keyword density, word count and meta descriptions. They will be aware of the importance of link maintenance, ensuring that both internal and external links function correctly and be able to to apply link building strategies to enhance and promote the client’s website.

A good SEO manager will constantly analyse a client’s website. They will keep a close eye on a website’s performance especially, traffic flow, ranking, keyword function and how long visitors actually remain on a site.

The manager will then use this information to analyse and communicate the findings to the client, while identifying where improvements can be made. They will assess what pages on the site are more important for web crawlers and make recommendations for enhancement of text, URL’s titles and descriptions to optimise the site as a whole. Every page must be relevant and it is the manager’s job to make the client aware of this.

An SEO manager will look beyond content and be knowledgable in other medias to enhance the site’s performance, such as, graphics, mobile and videos.

Qualities seo company

Ideally a good SEO manager will have the following qualities:

• A goal-orientated passion for SEO.

• An organised, analytical mind and exceptional time management skills.

• Patience and overall ability to influence and guide both team members and clients.

• Ability to retain clients during slower periods.   seo company

• Enthusiasm for improving their own skills and knowledge.

• A proven track record of successful SEO campaigns.

• A curious mind and an eagerness to learn more.

• Ability to think of the campaign as a whole, not concentrate solely on rankings.

Website design and technical skills can be gained over time, but it is imperative that a good SEO manager has the right kind of personality to succeed in this job.

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The Importance of Organic Searches & SEO Services

If you type something in to a search engine and get results based on relevance, rather than advertisements that have paid to be there, that’s an organic search. There are many different SEO services out there, including techniques like organic and non-organic SEO. With non- organic SEO, you pay a search engine to show your website at the top of the page as a sponsored advert, but organic means that your website shows up naturally when someone searches for something relevant. Organic searches are important when it comes to getting visitors to your website.

People Want What You’ve Gotseo services

With organic searches, people are searching for something just like you. If you come up on their search, it’s because your site is one of the most relevant to what they’re looking for, so they’re likely to click on your link. If you’re using a non-organic method, your site might come up when people aren’t really looking for your services – and there will be other, organic results that are more relevant to them than your website is. If you’re using an organic search-based SEO service, you’re advertising to the right people, who are already looking for what you have to offer. You’ll get more clicks and, most importantly, more people sticking around to come to your site again after the first visit.

seo servicesMost of Your Customers Will Find You Via Organic Searches

While there are many ways that someone might find out about your website, including word of mouth and social media, a large percentage of people find websites just through search engines. When someone’s searching for the services you provide, make sure you come up high on the list with good SEO services this can help you.

People Don’t Trust Sponsored Linksseo services

When you search for something online, the first couple of links that pop up will usually be sponsored, so someone’s paid to have them put there. You might think this is a great idea but in reality, it might not be the best strategy. A lot of users just skip past these ads without a second thought and go straight on to the organic results. People tend to trust sponsored results less, and are far less likely to click on them. If you want to seem genuine and make an honest connection with potential customers, organic SEO is the way to go.

If you’re looking for SEO services that will help you increase the number of organic searches that lead people to your website, Get Manic can help. With a bunch of different SEO packages to choose from, you’ll be sure to get what you need.

seo website design

Communication With Your SEO Website Design Company

The main aim of an SEO service is to get you higher Google rankings and ultimately seo website design increase your business. A good SEO company will constantly analyse traffic flow, the time that visitors spend on your sight, conversions and lead count. They will then submit their analysis to you so that you can work out your marketing strategies based on their findings.

There needs to be constant and ongoing communication between an SEO company and the business they are providing a service for. It is imperative that you both work together to make your SEO campaign as successful as possible.

It is said that content is king. Well as far as the services that your SEO company provides:communication is king.

seo website design Proper communication is the key to developing a successful marketing campaign. Your SEO company needs constantly updating to be able to do a good job for you. Your approval will be sought for, blog posts, copywriting and social media content.

Communication between an SEO service provider and its client must be constant. Your SEO company needs to gather ongoing information from you to boost your sales and business presence on the web.

Your presence and input with your SEO company is vital. Regular updates, no matter how trivial, will mean all the difference in your SEO website design and marketing strategy.

Neglecting your SEO company’s requests can seriously compromise your marketing campaign and subsequently your website and business will suffer.

Constant communication via Skpe, email, phone or in person, even just once a week seo website design would suffice.

A successful SEO campaign can be impeded by lack of client participation. If the client chooses to take a back seat then the SEO company will lack essential information to push the campaign forward.

Ask questions. Put forward your ideas. An efficient SEO company should do likewise. Communication works both ways. It is the responsibility of your SEO company to keep you regularly informed about what they are doing. If you don’t hear from them very often, then they are not doing their job properly. A good SEO company will have an open-door policy on communication and will always make time to discuss your concerns.

seo website design The internet is an ever-changing organism. These changes are taking place on a daily basis. It is imperative for your business that you keep on top of those changes. Get Manic will take the headache out of this for you. Our Brighton-based SEO company is dedicated to developing a good relationship with our clients.

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Why Opt for an Organic SEO Company

seo companyIt can’t be easy running an SEO company. After all, Google is constantly releasing game- changing updates to separate the best websites from the rest. Furthermore, the ever-increasing sophistication of search engines means that your SEO company needs to ensure that content is not only kept fresh but is delivered to the highest standards. When searching for an SEO company, keep your ears open for the term ‘organic SEO’. There are many benefits for those who conduct SEO in this fashion, as you’ll see below.

Cost Effectiveness        seo company

To understand how SEO saves money it helps to understand how pay per click (PPC) costs money. PPC may target traffic specifically, but costs skyrocket over time, meaning that if you do reach the top few spots on Google, it can be a bittersweet victory. When implemented professionally, organic SEO actually costs less over time. This creates the curious phenomenon of your website reaching Google’s top rankings while you pay less money for the engine that drives it there. Talk about win-win.


SEO companies that promote organic SEO are most likely to choose quality over quantity, and this is exactly what Google is looking for. In other words, when your SEO provider drives your website toward the top spot through organic SEO, you’ll arrive there with an air of credibility and authority. Better still, you’ll have a higher chance of staying there longer, as long as your content is updated and your SEO company plays by the rules.

Market-Driven        seo company

This is where organic SEO really hits its stride, due to its use of relevant, traffic-oriented keywords. If your SEO provider is as professional as they claim to be, keyword content will be in sync with the searches your customers are doing online. Of course, the words used by a customer searching for your business may be grammatically nonsensical when compared to Google’s preference for informative, intelligent, and grammatically correct content, but a professional organic SEO company will know how to bridge that gap.

Competitivenessseo company

Google loves websites that reach the top through organic SEO. Expect favourable treatment when new developments announce themselves and competitive advantages that your SEO company will keep you abreast of. After all, once you’re at the top you want to stay there.

Organic SEO is the best way to keep your website on-side with Google while ensuring you save money in the process. SEO services companies such as Get Manic are strong promoters on an organic SEO approach and have the know-how to make it work for you.